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We are a full-service landscaping company that can handle all your landscaping needs. Whether it is a design or a construction project, we will be there for you, making sure your project is completed within the budget that you have set. Whether your project is complete or not, we provide landscape maintenance services to ensure that you have an investment that looks its best.

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The landscape design for each and every house is based upon your vision and also our creative thinking and also experience. Lewisville, TX landscape layout has actually gotten to a whole new level.

Your task is developed throughout with the highest level of requirements, so your yard will certainly look stunning for many years ahead. It will certainly be exciting to construct a landscape, and it will certainly go as smoothly and swiftly as possible. Securing your investment as well as making sure your landscape lasts for several years ahead. We provide monthly maintenance agreements to guarantee your landscape is constantly preserved.

We satisfy ourselves with available quality installment as well as cutting-edge style at a cost effective rate. We have certified as well as trained landscape installers for residential and commercial jobs of all sizes, estimating, sales, developers, bookkeeping, and task administration team.

The Lewisville TX Landscape Design will certainly aid you in developing the ideal lawn style. When the layout is completed, you can view a 3D or CAD design to see what the completed item will certainly look like. Throughout the entire task, from the application for permits to the final clean-up, your project superintendent will certainly be your single point of contact for any kind of inquiries or problems that you may have.

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Here Are Some Points From Our Landscape Designer

We start planning outdoor living as soon as the weather warms up. Flowers are blooming, and barbecues in the backyard beckon us outside with our friends and family. With these 12 ideas in mind, you will have everything you need to hire the right company to create your own outdoor living area.

1. Purpose
What will you be using this area for?

Is dinner a regular occurrence in your household? Do you frequently have dinner parties or barbecues?
What is the maximum number of people you typically host?
Do you seek a peaceful place to unwind and relax?
In addition to a child and pet friendly area, will you need a separate area just for them?

2. Layout – When developing an outside area, our landscape architects suggest applying the same level of attention to a new house’s floor plan. Each outdoor space should have a logical and practical link to the home’s inside, such as placing the patio dining place near the kitchen.

3. Surroundings – Make the most of your home’s views — set up a tiny sitting area to watch the sunrise or a table and chairs for snacks and cocktails at sunset, for example. Similarly, use hedges or screens to hide unsightly eyesores outside of your property’s boundaries. Landscape designer Riley suggests looking beyond the boundaries of your property to see how the backyard will fit into its surroundings. Having everything match is essential to landscape design.

4. Exposure – What use does your outdoor space have? The way your outside area faces can impact its usefulness. In Lewisville, Texas, our landscape designers had to take into account the fact that west- and east-facing areas are more difficult to manage, especially during the summer when the temperatures may be extreme.

5. Comfort – If you have a lot of afternoon or early-evening sun in your outdoor space, you’ll need to provide shade to stay comfortable. Shade can be provided by pergolas, umbrellas, covered patios, or trees. When it’s hot outside, this can help keep you cool, and also if it rains, you’ll stay dry.

6. Plant Selection – Even the most enthusiastic gardener might need a place to unwind. For a low-maintenance part of your outdoor living area, choose easy-care vegetation that requires little maintenance. Her favorite plants for her Lewisville, Texas environment are beautiful, rounded bushes that grow at around 4 inches each year; boxwoods, agaves, and aloes are excellent choices for a backyard. As someone who loves to design green walls, she loves to make them as private as possible and keep the overhead space open so that you can see the sky. She also likes to make green walls using vertical surfaces. Also, it’s important to note, while plants that attract bees and other pollinators are beneficial in your garden, you may not want them in the midst of your dining area.

7. Water – Hard materials and plants are not always used in professional landscape design. Consider adding a water feature to your home for a refreshing and relaxing touch. Simply suggesting water, even as a trickle, can have an impact. It isn’t necessary to build a large fountain or waterfall. The sight and sound of flowing water have been found to improve relaxation and even lower blood pressure.

8. Lighting – Make your outside space a true extension of your home by adding lights. To allow for more outdoor meal preparation, light up the areas where food is cooked. Uplighting trees or fencing further out in the yard creates visual interest and adds to the ambience of the area. Add attractive lighting to make walkways and steps brighter.

9. Fire – It is not necessary to bring the party inside when nights are chilly. Create a fire pit or fireplace area with comfortable seating to extend your outside party season during our winters here in Lewisville, Texas. Include storage places for blankets and marshmallow-roasting materials. Our desert landscaping materials fit in swimmingly with the environment in Missouri.

10. Furnishings – Outdoor furniture choices will be determined by the function of the space — dining, relaxing, or entertaining — or most likely a combination of all three. Comfort and usefulness are two factors to consider while selecting outdoor furniture. Riley, our head of landscape design services in Lewisville, Texas, recommends for cocktails and snacks, use tiny movable tables. Outside design is an opportunity to adapt your inside design to the surroundings.

11. Hardscapes – A combination of surfaces is recommended by our landscape architect here in Lewisville, Texas, with part of the ground soft and inviting yet with enough hard surface for chairs and other furniture. Natural aspects, as well as decomposed granite, huge stones, and wood decking are favorites of his.

12. Wind Patterns – When shopping for landscape design in Lewisville, Texas, consider the wind direction and time of day. Some locations might be calm in the morning but become more lively as the day goes on. The last thing you want to do is build a fire pit area and have the seats facing into a breeze.



Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Paver Installation

Paver Installation

Pergolas & Patios

Pergolas & Patios

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Hardscapes provides your landscape with a distinctive look. It instantly raises your property’s curb appeal and encourages guests to visit your home. We at Lewisville TX Landscape Design understand the importance of investing in your home and are dedicated to making sure you’re satisfied with every aspect of your landscaped outdoor living space. We provide a variety of hardscaping options that will make your outdoor space more livable and attractive to the eye.

Artificial Grass

In today’s society, more businesses and homes are installing artificial grass than ever before – and for good reason. With drought-tolerant synthetic grass landscapes, you can look healthy and green 365 days a year and save up to 70% on your water bill. Synthetic turf is the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their landscape while eliminating the maintenance, mess, and costs associated with traditional sod.

Besides ensuring the interior of your home or business is intact, you should also ensure that the exterior of your property is attractive. It is also important to landscape the area around your home in order to make it more appealing and valuable. To keep them looking good year-round, lawn areas in almost all landscapes need to be maintained regularly.

Outside Cooking Area Style

A genuinely incredible exterior kitchen will complete your exterior living area as well as will certainly offer all of the capability you need to delight in Lewisville, Texas’s all-natural charm. Lewisville TX Landscape Design has lots of years of experience developing and also constructing exterior kitchen areas that fit every way of life in Lewisville, Texas. Lewisville TX Landscape Design can develop any kind of type of outdoor cooking area style you want, from a basic Barbeque grill as well as bar location to a fully-functional outdoor cook’s paradise.

Paver Installation

Paver Interlocking Remodeling has quickly become one of the most preferred choices for homeowners and businesses in Lewisville, Texas, looking to enhance their hardscapes. Choosing the correct color, shape, and pattern blend for your project is easy with interlocking pavers, which come in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. This surface is lightweight, durable, permeable, and can be repaired very easily. It is constructed from concrete and aggregate, and each paver is laid by hand over a prepared base layer, and then interlocked by polymer joint sand, thus providing an incredibly durable and permeable surface. I have always considered interlocking pavers to be the best solution for hardscapes due to their strength and versatility.

Pergolas & Patios

Pergolas are built of horizontal trellises that are sustained by columns. Pergolas are generally utilized to cover pathways or exterior seat areas.

Pergolas are an ideal enhancement to essentially any type of backyard or home if they consist of beautiful climbing up plants or woody vines.

Pergolas let you develop a questionable location in the center of your building where you can leave the hot sunlight on a warm summer day or loosen up while absorbing a gorgeous sunset. They can additionally be used as an elegant “covered bridge” attaching your home to your yard or swimming pool.

The bulk of brand-new homes come with a “builder patio” which does supply some shade, yet not a whole lot. Those looking to enjoy their outside living spaces in the summer season are looking for a much bigger shade option for relaxing, barbecuing as well as while swimming in the swimming pool.

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Whether you are looking to install a brand-new collection of pavers, placed in some synthetic lawn, or just have some inquiries about landscape design in Lewisville, Texas, we have the right experts for you! Our emphasis is on your complete satisfaction, and we treat our landscape design process with the very same amount of treatment as well as ideas as any person else’s. Whether you have little room or also much of it, give us a phone call and we can aid you to figure out any of your landscape layout requirements!

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